Thing a Day 1: The Gophers Know!

Freewriting is a lot like exorcism

Demons run free in my mind 

Labneh is a lot like yogurt 

Little like cream cheese 

Beast biting is a lot like exercise

Lemons run in from behind 

Lab meds are a lot like gophers 

Fiddles in my dreams please

Live laugh love loves slapping fibs

Elderberries smell like red riding hood

Self-reference isn't without elf-reverence

Paddle boarding through the lord of discord

Rhyming couplets double as fighting Muppets

Chiming bells spell trouble for biting puppets 

I don't believe in punctuation!

I never got no education 😑

Emojis believe in me just so i can see

I lost my glasses now they're moss to me

I passes my gasses now they're the bosses of me

Never lost sight of what love means to thee 

Forever postponed the phone and now it screams at me