Thing a Day 2: Jousting for Faust

 I found a majestic moose living life as a magnanimous mouse. Doormice in the roman empire were a delicacy. Once upon a time automobiles were made of amino acids. Once we learned that life was unlivable we believed that death was inevitable. Pigeons are the wisest among us. Doves are the proudest above us. Sentence structures should be varied--retaining interest is paramount--even if incorrectly applied. Metacognitive analysis is the death of spontaneity. Vocabulary is the crutch of the criminally impotent. I have to pick up a thesaurus to please my pet plesiosaurus. One liners hang by the vine from jet liners. Marx didn't understand the material conditions that plague underserved Australopithecus. I have to inform my manager that the formatting changes to the deranged phalange on my left handed spandex rolodex didn't match my Rolex because it was hexed by a vexing lynx that looked like the sphinx. The Giza Plateau is inside of you Mr. Magoo! I lost track of Deepak Chopra's plastic cobra. I wore a tiara to the ball because Lanny Hall didn't understand seagulls. There's nothing original in Athens these days. Restated debates made to understate the human race's graces. Losing track of making sense is why I gained love for fitty cent. Shakespeare should only fear what happens when he drinks a beer. I will be banished to hell for my inability to spell. There's nothing quite so awkward as when a Moose meets a Goose who introduces her to a Mouse that knows a Sage Grouse as his only spouse. Now they all share a cute little house where they host jousts for Faust.