The Pains of Creation (Elation)

Uninspired Unretired 

we have hired new wires to expire our ire

Fire sacrifices rejoice with James Joyce 

Edward De Bois lives eternally in Boise

Tall Buildings in Potato Town 

Turn My Frown Upside Down

"Tear off my gown honey

Turn me into a sexy bunny"

Burn your buns on coffee grounds

Let's all gather hounds 

Let's misuse our nouns

Let's start a new town 


I became an acclaimed essayist 

Not knowing how to diss it

Not going to miss it

New lines are blue and kind

Turn the tape on rewind 

My mouth is unkind 

Unbind your mind

Verbs don't perturb me 

Adverbs disturb me

articles are the particles of reality