Stabilizer Formalism and Biscuits

McDoland's Biscuits invoke my creative potential
It's only with a sick stomach
That I can write great american

Eating Plastic Drinking Mud
Water Full of AntiDepressants

World Melts All things end
Garlic Reeks
I smell like onion

I wish spicy pete knew how to greet my
beet in sleet on Repeat

I'm not sure if we live in one universe
or if one universe lives inside us

so i dont make a fuss on the buss
I know everyone's in a rush and i should Hush

The Internet of things really stings
I dont know what to bring to Li Ming's

I Dreamt last night about a rusty jeep
Didn't say a peep to those peeps
immediately leap in Deep
Mareep is an electric sheep

The apocalypse is Foretold by an eclipse
It looks like an ellipse in Bold

I let my blood to elmer Fudd
He summoned a demon legion

The antichrist is composed of mice
Ate all the rice

October Blood Runs Red
Into the hole in my Head