I am bad at the blagz.
Creative blox are sadz
Every genius is actually madz

Every saddle needs a straddle
Every Paddle needs some waddle

Made up words make me blur
Stirred up shit makes me constipated
I found no nearer reality than my sour knee

I found a honey bee in my fucking tree
She really had to pee
Left without a steed
ate too much to have heed

Word salad can't me mixed
 Work enshrined in my mind

I got too much yang all up in my brain
Too much yin lodged in my loins
Not enough coins to make the piggy bank break

The cat that broke the moneys back
wasn't all the same as the rat that ate my aching back

Periods give me a period.
PMS sustains me
Post Mechanized Sherman

I made a mole of a mountain
made a fountain of a frozen cloud

My writers block just needed some new chicken stock.
Now I compete with the BARD.
Good at making my own LARD

HAH now i am done mowing my YARD.