Can't live IN may

I rode the pimp train
all the way into my pink brain

think pain

stinky rain

I have not yet lost my bet
Not yet lost my head
In Bed
In your head
His Lead
Hit my shed
It bled

Unsheathed my sword
to defend my lord

Burned my Hood
Inside my Wood
There i Stood

A life mistook
a kind of book
cause I'm no monk
ain't got NO TRUNK

Starbucks Sucks
Like I give a fuck
as I slay this buck
Gas up my truck
Fast before my play
Last all day
Can't Live IN may
Cause i'd love to take a roll in the hay
Lets just be serious
Before we get delirious
This wine is mysterious
My mind is not near US

Once I cut down a tree
chopped all day
Then it cut down me
walked away

He was an ent
Just needed to vent
Without delay
He picked a flower
gained his true power
flew away
Left in an hour
Cause his mood was sour
flower power